Live.js to Auto Refresh Webpage After Editing !!

We are sharing one productive tool to make your web development faster.If you are web designer or web developer then this tool may improve your web designing faster. Whenever we try to code any HTML or CSS or JS page then we need to open two windows i.e editor as well as browser to check latest version of the web page Suppose we are editing the CSS file then we have to go to browser and reload the webpage to get [...]

Tips for Responsive Web Design before Switching

We are playing with many mobile and smart devices such as Smart Phones, Tablet PC's,iPad,iPhone. Currently Microsoft has launched new smart device "Microsoft Surface". Lots of Peoples are playing with different devices with different resolution.Each and every person get different look on different device. Expectation From Visitors : Visitors are browsing website from different devices. Users will prefer to stay on site having better user interface with less advertise disturbance. Following are some expectations of site visitors while browsing site - Site [...]

How to Host Images on Sub-Domain in WordPress for Better Loading Time ?

Why we need to host all images on Sub-Domain ? Whenever we upload image to image gallery , It is by default uploaded in the upload folder at following path - [crayon-61f2d5135c201998208999/] Browser can send 7-8 requests at time to different domains. So if we host all our images on same host then time require to load all images will be more as browser will get images one by one. If we host images on the sub-domain then images will be ideally at [...]