What is QR Code ?

Matrix Code | QR Code :

  1. QR Code means Quick Response Code.
  2. QR Code is also called as Matrix barcode or Two-dimensional code.
  3. QR Code was firstly designed for Automotive industry.
  4. Due to its fast readability and large storage capacity compared to standard UPC barcodes QR system is becoming more popular on the other industries.

Sample QR Code :

www.c4learn.com QR Code

How to Create QR Code ?

QR Code Generator

  1. Visit [Here] and just copy paste your website url or any information such as URL,Phone Number,SMS or any text and just click on Generate Free.
  2. QR code will be generated for you shown right. You have to just download the QR code image. After downloading QR code for your site you can show it on any social networking site or on your blog.
  3. You can also put all your necessary information such as author name , url and create QR code and put it on your online document such as PDF or Ebook.