Send SMS through Google Chat (Gmail Chat) Window !!

Google releases there new Gmail feature which provides us facility to send SMS to your friends through Gmail. Let's take quick look at this scenario - Quick Scenario Of Gmail SMS System : Google Provides us credit of 50 SMS. As soon as we send SMS , our credit will decrease by 1. If we get reply back from the sender then our credit will be increased by 5.(upto 50) At a particular moment your credit become 0 then you will get credit of 1 in 24hrs , so [...]

How to Get Email Notification when User Submits Data Using Google Form ?

We can use Google Document for creating google documents like Word,Excel and Presentation. Google Document also provides us to create Form that can be embedded in the Webpage.Whenever user submits form then the entered data is stored in the excel file. How to Get Email Notification when User Submits Data Using Google Form? Steps to Get Email Notification when user Submits Data Using Form: We must have Google Account to access Google docs. Access your Google account and Go to Google Documents. Create Sample [...]

Import Emails and Contacts from Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL to Gmail !!

Suppose you have multiple accounts and you want to merge your mails together then Gmail provides us most handy tool. This tool is also useful if you are switching from other mail providers such as Hotmail, yahoo, rediffmail to Gmail. Old Emails and contacts can be imported with ease. Later on we can create filter in other email providers to forward emails to your Gmail address. This tool doesn't work for other Gmail accounts. Use mail fetcher to get mail from [...]

How to Insert Image in Gmail Mail?

How to Insert Image in Gmail Mail? Many of the mail providers do not provide facility to embed images in the email, however they provide us facility to attach image to mail. Gmail Lab provides us ad on facility to embed image in the mail body. We have to enable Gmail Lab facility to embed image inside mail. Let's Take Quick Look, How to Embed Image in Email? Step 1 : Click on the Mail Setting. Step 2 : Inside Email Setting Click [...]

4 Simple Tips to Fight Against Spam Mails !

Its very frustrating to get spam mails in our mailbox. Most of the time Spam mails are advertise mails or any unwanted mails.It may be Trojan or any harmful code. Spammers are always 1 step forward from us. We have collected certain tricks and tips that everyone should use in order to fight against spam mails. Spammers always try to update there email list by marking active email subscribers. They send more and more spam mails include advertise to most [...]