How to open full screen editor in WordPress ?

WordPress provides elegant way to write posts using the full screen editor. It provides the clean interface which can be used for editing and drafting the post in full screen mode

How to schedule post in the WordPress?

One of the hidden feature of the WordPress which allows to schedule blog posts to automatically publish themselves at any time in the future.

Java Program : Reader Writer Problem

Java tutorial explains the reader-writer problem in detail. Shared variable can be accessed using the multiple readers but only single writer can have access while writing on shared variable.

Stylish CSS Table Design #2

Tutorial explains the stylish layout of the HTML table using CSS. We can use the design to style the table uniformly.

Read XML file using PHP

Tutorial explains the way to read XML file using the PHP syntax. simplexml_load_file() method of PHP can be used for interpreting the XML file into PHP object.

Accept Terms & Condition Script in JS

Whenever we read terms and condition then we need to click on accept terms and condition checkbox. Tutorial provides guide to implement terms and condition using JS.