Indian Flag as DP Not Illegal

Indian Flag as DP Not Illegal

whatsapp profile pic as Indian Flag

It is common to replace your Whatsapp DP with the trending updates like Birthdays, Festivals etc. Following the trend many youngsters started changing their DP to the Indian Flag. However soon a message went viral that its illegal and action can be taken against them.

A message was sent as –

“Indian Constitution doesn’t allow us to make Indian Tricolor as Profile pic or stitch or paste it anywhere. Indian Tricolor should only be unfurl to flutter freely in air and as an Indian its our Fundamental duty to give all due respect to the Tricolor…

Provisions of the Emblems and Names (Prevention of Improper Use) Act, 1950 (No.12 of 1950) and the Prevention of Insults to National Honor Act, 1971 (No. 69 of 1971)
Here by Request everyone to remove their DP of Indian Flag..and let it fly high….

People who have remove the flag as DP should know that this all is just a prank.


From report by The Times of India now states that –

  1. Indians are allowed unrestricted display of the flag and they can post it as their display picture or even otherwise online.
  2. The Flag Code of India 2002 permits unrestricted display of the tricolor, consistent with the honor and dignity of the flag.
  3. Flag can be used as a Profile Picture until there is nothing defaced written and it does not disrespect the Country.

Hence ALL can show their love for INDIA in all the ways they want until it is not offensive in any way.