4 ways to Keep Your Desktop Clean !!

How to Keep Your Desktop Neat and Clean ? If you are installing lot of new applications or you are downloading more and more stuffs to your desktop then you are at right place. You can use following tips to keep your desktop clean - A. Create Folders on Desktop and Put Rarely used Icons Creating new folder on the desktop and putting all non usable icons in it will clean up your desktop in some manner. We can sort out desktop items [...]

Connect Microsoft Word with Google Docs Using Cloud !!

[one_third last="no"][/one_third]Google Recently Launch there Google Cloud Connect Plugin for Syncing Microsoft Office with Google Docs.With this feature we are able to upload any document created using Microsoft Office to Google docs in one click.We have alternate copy of Microsoft Office document on Google Cloud.Now we will be learning how To use Google Cloud Connect Tool to Sync Office with Google Docs. Google Cloud Connect : Sync With Google Docs In order to maintain synchronization between Google Docs and Microsoft Office [...]

Make Microsoft Word as Blogging tool to Write and Publish Posts on Any Blogging Platform

[one_third last="no"][180x150][/one_third]Like Microsoft Office 2007 we can also write blog post using Microsoft Office 10 editor.Office 10 editor will provide different features that makes blogging easy.We can post article post on almost all popular platforms such as WordPress,Blogger,TypePad etc. Step 1 : Create New Blog Post Using Office 10 or Office 7 [Click File Menu ==> New ==> select Blog Post ] Step 2 : Click on Create Button. Step 3 : Click ‘Register Now’ button and choose your blogging provider software-Wordpress, Blogger, [...]

Create PDF File Using Microsoft Word !

Latest version of Microsoft word is outstanding. MS word provides us facility to convert any word file into PDF format . We can opt out PDF creator and PDF generator software as MS-Word provides stunning editor for designing and writing article. Steps to Create PDF File using Microsoft Word ? Open Microsoft Office 2010. Open any previously written Article . After you finish with Writing Article/Updating article [one_third last="no"][160x600][/one_third] Click on "PDF or XPS" and save your word file as PDF. If "PDF or XPS" menu [...]