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  • Redirect your home-page/+ URL to your Google+

Redirect your home-page/+ URL to your Google+

Google+ is becoming very much popular these days. Being an webmaster it is very useful to encourage our readers to follow on Google+.

Redirecting homepage/+ to Google+ :

Instead of remembering following long URL we can make URL bit simple.

We can make the above lengthy URL to shorter version like –

Lets see how to write code for above requirement.

Steps to perform Redirection :

  1. Firstly login to your cPanel and launch the file manager.

File Manager

  1. After launching the file manager you need to open the .htaccess file from your root directory.
  2. Add below code in the .htaccess file in order to redirect the user from homepage/+ to Google+ profile.

Example :

There are many advantages of the above redirection, We can use this simple,short and sweet URL in the mails,newsletter and on the social networks.