Improve Alexa Rank in 10 Simple Steps !

Step 1. Install Alexa Toolbar

  1. Installing Alexa toolbar will boost your Alexa rank. Install Alexa toolbar to your browser and check Alexa rank of your site using installed toolbar.
  2. Visit link to Install Alexa Toolbar for your Browser. also ask your visitors to install Alexa toolbar.

Step 2. Go and Claim Your Site on Alexa

  1. To get complete control on site , claim your website on so that visitors checking your Alexa rank will come to know the exact author of the site.
  2. It help to boost or increase your Alexa rank. Install the Alexa toolbar on IE and in all multiple browsers installed in your system. set your website as the default homepage for both browsers.
  3. Be sure to use each browser when you are online as each will have a different toolbar id and may be seen as 2 different users

Step 3.Alexa Widget on your blog :

Alexa counts websites that comes under their system. You must put Alexa widget on your site in order to come under Alexa system. However Alexa widget does not help much. You can create your Alexa Widget Here.

Step 4.Writing Alexa review :

If you are writing how to articles or technical articles then you must write one how to article on Alexa or a simple review on Alexa. After writing review don’t forget to link back to the

Step 5.Get Traffic From Blog Authors

Try to get more and more genuine visits from the technical guys such as bloggers,technical persons,web developers and programmers. As you get more visits from the bloggers , chances of installing Alexa toolbar will be more.

Step 6.Ask Visitors to Review Site on Alexa:

Review your blog on and ask your visitors to review your blog. Write a Review of our Blog on Alexa.

Step 7. Update your blog frequently and quality posts

Google and all search engine loves fresh content.More and more you write more visitors you get and Alexa rank will boost significantly if you have many visitors from search engine.

Step 8. Get more backlinks from other bloggers

Whenever you write quality articles there are many chances that your article will be discussed on social sites as well as on the other blogs. When other bloggers share your articles on their site you will get a backlink. You can comment on other blogs to leave your backlink on the other bloggers in same niche.

Note :

Comments must be relevant and don’t try to leave spam comment which may down your blog reputation and ranking in Search Engine. Process of leaving spam on multiple sites is called as “Link Farming

Step 9. Share and Share

Share your posts on social sites such as Facebook,Google+, StumbleUpon and many more. In the beginning you have to take those efforts to share your articles on social sites. Once your blog gains some reputation site visitors will do the same for you.

Below is the list to share articles -

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Step 10. Write in Webmaster forum

Writing in webmaster forum and Digital Point Forum would be helpful to leave your backlink via signature.Submit your Articles or Posts to some Webmasters Forums, Directory Submission.

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