How to Create Aliases in ?

Sometimes user may Log In to some sites using different emails. For Example user may be using his private email id for the business or job purpose and another email id to log into social sites such as tweeter or Facebook.It is not always possible to check each and every mail, we have to login to different mails each time.

Come with :

Microsoft is new birth of with much extended features and more powerful than the traditional hotmail. You can create entirely separate email addresses that all end up in your

  1. Click the Gear icon at the top right corner of
  2. Select More Mail Settings
  3. Select Create an Outlook alias under Managing your account.

outlook email
All the emails that come to your alias mail are stored in the folder.So that we can access each account individually.

Some Things to note :

  1. You can create 5 aliases only per year.
  2. You cannot login with your aliase ID. (You have to use your original id)
  3. You are not able to use an alias on Windows Phone or any Other Mobile Client or Email Application.