Connect Microsoft Word with Google Docs Using Cloud !!

[one_third last="no"][/one_third]Google Recently Launch there Google Cloud Connect Plugin for Syncing Microsoft Office with Google Docs.With this feature we are able to upload any document created using Microsoft Office to Google docs in one click.We have alternate copy of Microsoft Office document on Google Cloud.Now we will be learning how To use Google Cloud Connect Tool to Sync Office with Google Docs. Google Cloud Connect : Sync With Google Docs In order to maintain synchronization between Google Docs and Microsoft Office [...]

Make Microsoft Word as Blogging tool to Write and Publish Posts on Any Blogging Platform

[one_third last="no"][180x150][/one_third]Like Microsoft Office 2007 we can also write blog post using Microsoft Office 10 editor.Office 10 editor will provide different features that makes blogging easy.We can post article post on almost all popular platforms such as WordPress,Blogger,TypePad etc. Step 1 : Create New Blog Post Using Office 10 or Office 7 [Click File Menu ==> New ==> select Blog Post ] Step 2 : Click on Create Button. Step 3 : Click ‘Register Now’ button and choose your blogging provider software-Wordpress, Blogger, [...]

Create PDF File Using Microsoft Word !

Latest version of Microsoft word is outstanding. MS word provides us facility to convert any word file into PDF format . We can opt out PDF creator and PDF generator software as MS-Word provides stunning editor for designing and writing article. Steps to Create PDF File using Microsoft Word ? Open Microsoft Office 2010. Open any previously written Article . After you finish with Writing Article/Updating article [one_third last="no"][160x600][/one_third] Click on "PDF or XPS" and save your word file as PDF. If "PDF or XPS" menu [...]

4 Simple Tips to Fight Against Spam Mails !

Its very frustrating to get spam mails in our mailbox. Most of the time Spam mails are advertise mails or any unwanted mails.It may be Trojan or any harmful code. Spammers are always 1 step forward from us. We have collected certain tricks and tips that everyone should use in order to fight against spam mails. Spammers always try to update there email list by marking active email subscribers. They send more and more spam mails include advertise to most [...]

How to create Custom Post Template for Specific Category in WordPress ?

Creating Custom Category Post Template in WordPress ? Some bloggers might come under situation where they want different post template for specific category.There are many more plugins still this method will explain simplest method to create post template for particular category in step by step manner. Steps to Create Post Template for Specific Category : In WordPress System we have default post template as "single.php". "single.php" template file is used for each and every post of any category by default . (our aim [...]

How to Create and publish Ebook of WordPress Blog Free ?

Introduction : How to Create and publish Ebook of WordPress or Blogger Blog automatically ? We can now publish our free ebook online just in few minutes. Ebook can contain posts from blog (maximun 100 posts). With this tool we can create ebook for WordPress/Blogger blog and it can be shared with your blogger subscribers,friends.This tool can works with third party feed however with feedburner and other third party feeds, we can only fetch the default number of latest posts [...]

How to speed up loading time of WordPress Dashboard ?

How to speed up loading time of WordPress Dashboard ? Some times ago i have faced this problem. Whenever i used to login to my WordPress dashboard it was taking long time to load , then i started exploring the root cause of this issue. All these issues that slows down dashboard loading are explained below - Revision History Unnecessarily Created Tables. Unused Plugins Case No 1 : Revision History When we create any post then after some amount of time WordPress automatically auto saves [...]

How to avoid bad requests page in wordpress ?

Bad request is the request which results into 404/410 error. These are broken links that results into frustration. No one like this kind of error.In order to have good page load time and high ranking in the gogle we should avoid bad requests. Bad Requests makes bad user experience,which makes lower ranking in search engine and decrease your overall traffic which ultimately affect your earning. Tech Fundas to Avoid Bad Requests : Remove Bad requests Redirect Broken Linkes to appropriate URL Remove Bad Requests [...]