Send Free SMS to Any Mobile From Gmail Chat in India !!

Google extended their SMS Gmail Chat system. Now user can send free SMS through their Gmail chat window itself. You can add your friend’s number in Google Contacts.The SMS service is available in India and 51 other countries in Asia, Africa and North America.

How this SMS System Works ?

  1. To send SMS to users you have to add phone number to their contact list. (Google Contacts)
  2. Responses to the SMS will be shown in the Same chat window and stored in chat history like regular chat.
  3. Google initially provides free SMS credit of 50 messages for each user.  For every message sent, users’ credit would decrease by one.
  4. Credit would increase by five every time a user responds to the text message by sending a return message.
  5. If SMS credit limit lowers down to zero then one credit would increase automatically after 24 hours.
  6. Users can send message to his own mobile and can replay back so that he can get more credit in case of shortage.
  7. For the mobile phone user, the reply is charged at local SMS rate as per her/his normal billing plan.

google sending sms