C putchar() Function : C Reference

Putchar function : Displaying String in C Programming
Syntax :

int putchar(int c);

Way 1 : Taking Character as Parameter

putchar('a') ;  // Displays : a
  1. Individual Character is Given as parameter to this function.
  2. We have to explicitly mention Character.

Way 2 : Taking Variable as Parameter


// Display Character Stored in a
  1. Input Parameter is Variable of Type “Character”.
  2. This type of putchar() displays character stored in variable.

Way 3 : Displaying Particular Character from Array

putchar(a[0]) ;  

// Display a[0] th element from array
  1. Character Array or String consists of collection of characters.
  2. Like accessing individual array element , characters can be displayed one by one using putchar().

Live Example :

#include< stdio.h>
#include< conio.h>

void main()
   char string[] = "This is an example string\n";
   int i=0;


What it Does ?

  1. Display String Character by Character
  2. Header File : stdio.h
  3. Putchar is a macro that outputs a character on stdout.

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