sscanf function : stdio.h functions in C Programming

sscanf Function : Stdio.h
Syntax :

int sscanf (const char *buffer, const char *format [, address, ...]);

What it actually does ?

  1. Data is read from array Pointed to by buffer rather than stdin.
  2. Return Type is Integer
  3. Return value is nothing but number of fields that were actually assigned a value

Live Example:

char name[20];
int age,salary;
sscanf("Ram 23 4000 " ," %s %d %d ",name,&age,&salary);

Explanation of above Example :

  • We accept values from user and store them into Respective memory Locations
  • But by using sscanf functions instead of accepting data from stdin , we are reading data from the array
  • In the above Example “Ram 23 4000” are three values are assigned to name,age and salary

In short :

Variable Name Value