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C language history

History of C Programming Language

  1. C is a programming language which born at “AT & T’s Bell Laboratory” of USA in 1972.
  2. C was written by Dennis Ritchie, thats why he is also called as father of c programming language.
  3. C language was created for a specific purpose i.e designing the UNIX operating system (which is currently base of many UNIX based OS).
  4. From the beginning, C was intended to be useful to allow busy programmers to get things done because C is such a powerful, dominant and supple language
  5. Its use quickly spread beyond Bell Labs in the late 70’s because of its long list of strong features

Refer : C Programming History Chart

Why Name “C” was given to Language ?

  1. Many of C’s principles and ideas were derived from the earlier language B. (Ken Thompson was the developer of B Language.)
  2. BCPL and CPL are the earlier ancestors of B Language
  3. CPL is common Programming Language.In 1967, BCPL Language ( Basic CPL ) was created as a scaled down version of CPL
  4. As many of the features were derived from “B” Language thats why it was named as “C”.
  5. After 7-8 years C++ came into existence which was first example of object oriented programming .

Summary of C Programming Language History

Summary –
1 B Language Developed By Ken Thompson
2 Operating System Developed in C UNIX
3 Developed at AT & T Bell Laboratory
4 Creator of Traditional C Dennis Ritchie
5 Year 1972

C Programming Language Timeline :

Programming Language Development Year Developed by
ALGOL 1960 International Group
BCPL 1967 Martin Richards
B 1970 Ken Thompson
Traditional C 1972 Dennis Ritchie
K&R C 1978 Brain Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie
ANSI C 1989 ANSI Committee
ANSI/ISO C 1990 ISO Committee

You can view above C Programming History Timeline in pictorial form – [Here]