VBScript Introduction

What Is VBScript?

  1. VBScript is a browser side scripting language i.e. it can run on browser.
  2. VBScript is used to write scripts that can automate any number of activities in a web page
  3. VBScript is an interpreted language.
  4. VBScript is interpreted language so VBScript do not compile their scripts until they are executed
  5. Syntax errors in VBScripts do not appear until you run them.

VBScript Usage:

  1. HTML Form Validation
  2. Creating rotating banners.
  3. Creating animation effects such as changing the graphics.
  4. Detection of Browser and Browser Versions
  5. Interacting with visitors using pop-up dialogs
  6. Automatically opening multiple customized Internet Explorer Windows when people visit your web site.
  7. Performing calculations based on input provided by user.
  8. Addressing visitors to your web site by name using VBScript to manage cookies.

VBScript Example :

<script language="vbscript" type="text/vbscript">
   document.write("Hello World!")

VBScript Version Information :

Version Host Application
1.0 Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0
2.0 Microsoft Internet Information Server 3.0
3.0 Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0
3.0 Microsoft Internet Information Server 4.0
3.0 Microsoft Windows Scripting Host 1.0
3.0 Microsoft Outlook 98
4.0 Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0
5.0 Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0
5.0 Microsoft Internet Information Server 5.0
5.5 Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5
5.6 Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
5.7 Microsoft Windows Vista