Android Environment Setup

In this tutorial we will be learning how to set up local environment to create android application. We have already learnt about android operating system overview and simple setting up steps for android device.

We can start android application development in Microsoft Windows XP and higher versions of windows. You need following things installed or ready on your local system

  1. Java JDK5/JDK6
  2. Android SDK
  3. Eclipse IDE for Java Developers
  4. Android Development Tools (ADT) Eclipse Plugin

Android Application : Setting up Java Developer Kit

First step to start android application development is to setup the JDK. You can go through the series of lectures which will clearly teach you, how to download and set up JDK

You can create .bat file on your local drive and put following content in batch file –

set PATH=C:\jdk1.6.0_15\bin;%PATH%
set JAVA_HOME=C:\jdk1.6.0_15

After running the file entries will be made into path variable and JAVA_HOME will be set to your home directory of JDK.

You can also refer the article to set path variable

Getting Android SDK

First step is to download android SDK from the android developers website.

Android SDK download

After downloading the complete package extract the zip file. You can see following content inside zip file.

step 2 - android sdk unzip

Now you need to open the eclipse from eclipse -> eclipse.exe. Once you open the eclipse you will able to see SDK icon on top of eclipse IDE.

android sdk icon

After clicking on the icon you will be prompted to download all necessary packages. You can download all the packages if you have fast internet access.

selecting packages SDK

After downloading all the packages you will able to develop android application for the any version. Downloaded stuff will go into sdk -> platforms folder

downloaded sources

Create Android Virtual Device

It is advisable to use your android phone directly to test output of the android application through USB. It will work faster than creating virtual device.

What exactly AVD is ? Suppose you don’t have android device to test application you have developed. In that case you need tool to test your application. AVD exactly provides you an virtual emulator to test your android app.

In eclipse you can launch AVD screen by clicking on the following icon.


Now you will able to see following screen

AVD List

Now in screenshot we have already created and AVD. We will be using same AVD. If you want to create your AVD then click on the Create button.

AVD Setting

Once you create an AVD then you are all set to create your first android application.