C Programming Arrays Basic

C Programming Arrays Introduction

In the previous chapter’s we have learn’t variables are used for the storage of the data. Variables are the one of the building block in C Programming.

So far we were using the single variable name for storing one data item. If we need to store the multiple copies of the same data then it is very difficult for the user.

Thoughtful Example of Array

Suppose we have to store the roll numbers of the 100 students the we have to declare 100 variables named as roll1,roll2,roll3,…….roll100 which is very difficult job. Concept of C Programming Arrays is introduced in C which gives the capability to store the 100 roll numbers in the contiguous memory which has 100 blocks and which can be accessed by single variable name.

  1. C Programming Arrays is the Collection of Elements
  2. C Programming Arrays is collection of the Elements of the same data type.
  3. All Elements are stored in the Contiguous memory
  4. All elements in the array are accessed using the subscript variable.

Pictorial Look of C Programming Arrays

C Programming Arrays Basic

The above array is declared as int a[5];

a[0] = 4;
a[1] = 5;
a[2] = 33;
a[3] = 13;
a[4] = 1;

4,5,33,13,1 are actual data items … ( in our case Roll numbers )
0,1,2,3,4 are index variables ..( similar to ‘i’ in for loop / Subscript variable )

Term : C Programming Arrays

Array is collection of the data items having same data type

Term : Index or Subscript variable

  1. Individual data items can be accessed by the name of the array and an integer enclosed in square bracket called subscript variable / index
  2. Subscript Variables helps us to identify the item number to be accessed in the contiguous memory.