C Multidimensional Array

Multidimensional array

  1. Array having more than one subscript variable is called multidimensional array.
  2. Multidimensional array is also called as matrix.

Consider the Two dimensional array –

  1. Two Dimensional Array requires Two Subscript Variables
  2. Two Dimensional Array stores the values in the form of matrix.
  3. One Subscript Variable denotes the “Row” of a matrix.
  4. Another Subscript Variable denotes the “Column” of a matrix.

two_dimensional_arrays in c Programming

Declaration and Use of Two Dimensional Array :

int a[3][4];

Use :


Meaning of Two Dimensional Array :

  1. Matrix is having 3 rows ( i takes value from 0 to 2 )
  2. Matrix is having 4 Columns ( j takes value from 0 to 3 )
  3. Above Matrix 3×4 matrix will have 12 blocks having 3 rows & 4 columns.
  4. Name of 2-D array is ‘a‘ and each block is identified by the row & column number.
  5. Row number and Column Number Starts from 0.
Cell Location Meaning
a[0][0] 0th Row and 0th Column
a[0][1] 0th Row and 1st Column
a[0][2] 0th Row and 2nd Column
a[0][3] 0th Row and 3rd Column
a[1][0] 1st Row and 0th Column
a[1][1] 1st Row and 1st Column
a[1][2] 1st Row and 2nd Column
a[1][3] 1st Row and 3rd Column
a[2][0] 2nd Row and 0th Column
a[2][1] 2nd Row and 1st Column
a[2][2] 2nd Row and 2nd Column
a[2][3] 2nd Row and 3rd Column

Two-Dimensional Array : Summary with Sample Example

Summary Point Explanation
No of Subscript Variables Required 2
Declaration a[3][4]
No of Rows 3
No of Columns 4
No of Cells 12
No of for loops required to iterate 2

Memory Representation

  1. 2-D arrays are Stored in contiguous memory location row wise.
  2. 3 X 3 Array is shown below in the first Diagram.
  3. Consider 3×3 Array is stored in Contiguous memory location which starts from 4000 .
  4. Array element a[0][0] will be stored at address 4000 again a[0][1] will be stored to next memory location i.e Elements stored row-wise
  5. After Elements of First Row are stored in appropriate memory location , elements of next row get their corresponding mem. locations.

Multi Dimensional Array in C Programming

  1. This is integer array so each element requires 2 bytes of memory.

Basic Memory Address Calculation :

a[0][1] = a[0][0] + Size of Data Type

Element Memory Location
a[0][0] 4000
a[0][1] 4002
a[0][2] 4004
a[1][0] 4006
a[1][1] 4008
a[1][2] 4010
a[2][0] 4012
a[2][1] 4014
a[2][2] 4016

Memory Address Location in Multi Dimensional Array in C Programming