C token keywords & identifiers

In the previous chapter we have learnt about basic concepts of C such as Comments, Difference between compiler and interpreter and different types of languages.

C Tokens Chart

  • In C Programming punctuation,individual words,characters etc are called tokens.
  • Tokens are basic building blocks of C Programming

Tokens in C Programming - Basic Building Blocks

Token Example :

No Token Type Example 1 Example 2
1 Keyword do while
2 Constants number sum
3 Identifier -76 89
4 String “HTF” “PRIT”
5 Special Symbol * @
6 Operators ++ /

Basic Building Blocks and Definition :

Token Meaning
Keyword A variable is a meaningful name of data storage location in computer memory. When using a variable you refer to memory address of computer
Constant Constants are expressions with a fixed value
Identifier The term identifier is usually used for variable names
String Sequence of characters
Special Symbol Symbols other than the Alphabets and Digits and white-spaces
Operators A symbol that represent a specific mathematical or non mathematical action


We have learnt different type of tokens in C. In the upcoming chapters we will learn C tokens, keywords and identifiers in more details.