Running C Program on Window 8

In this tutorial we are going to see, how we can install DOSBox in order to run the traditional C program in the Latest Window 8 environment. In this tutorial we will be learning to run C Program on Window 8.

The DOSBox is x86 immulator which is used to run traditional 16/32 bit DOS applications in 64 bit environment those are incompatible with DOS applications.

Steps to run C Program on Window 8:

  1. Basically first step to run C Program on Window 8 is to get the DOSBox installer. Click here and download the DOSBox setup.
  2. Once you have setup of the DOSBox, you need to download the setup for TC. Get TC setup by clicking on this link. (Get TC Setup)
  3. Now you have all required installers with us, we can start installation now.
  4. Extract the file in the C:\TC\
  5. Unzip TC

  6. Now unzip the and run the installer file to install the DOSBox.
  7. After installation of the DOSBox open the DOSBox Application by double clicking on the DOSBox icon on the desktop.
  8. DOSBox icon

  9. You need to type following command in the Prompt –
  10. mount e c:\TC\

    C Program on Window 8 - Mount E Drive with DOSBox

  11. Now switch to E drive using the following command.
  12. E:
  13. Now hit following command to install the TC.
  14. install.exe

    C Program on Window 8 - installing the TC in DOSBox

  15. Press enter to continue
  16. C Program on Window 8 - TC Installer Window

  17. Now Select “E” drive by typing E and hit enter key.
  18. C Program on Window 8 - Select E drive

  19. Now keep the source path as it is. Again hit enter key.
  20. C Program on Window 8 - Selecting the path

  21. Now using down arrow key navigate to the “Start Installation” menu and hit enter key.
  22. starting installation

  23. After installation gets started you can see the below blue window like this –
  24. Installation started

  25. After the installation you will be prompted with this window then press any key to view the help file
  26. open help

  27. Now when you will be prompted with the help window, then press escape key to close that window in order to return to the DOSBox
  28. Thus we have successfully installed TC using DOSBox.

Running TC using DOSBOX :

  1. Now we need to open the DOSBox option file to run TC as default application when we launch the DOSBox
  2. DOSBox Option file

  3. Now select the DOSBox 0.74 Option menu by searching in sidebar pane in Window 8
  4. Now go to the end in the opened dosbox-0.74.conf file and add the below code in the file –
  5. mount e c:\tc\
    cd tc
    cd bin
  6. save the file and close it.
  7. Now click on the DOSBox icon on the homepage to launch the DOSBox, TC will gets opened as default application. Enjoy the flavor of the DOS in Window 8 environment.

In the next tutorial we will be going to see how to open and run c program using the dosbox.
More help : Dosbox Installation guide