Low level language

We have already learnt the low level language features of c programming language and its applications. In this tutorial we will be learning what is exactly meaning of low level language.

What is Low level Language in Computer Science ?

  1. Machine understandable Language.
  2. Assembly is common high level language
  3. Internal machine code dependent
  4. Fast to run but slow to write & understand

What is Low Level Language ?

What is machine Level Language ?

  1. Machine code is the only language a microprocessor can process directly without a previous transformation.
  2. Currently, Programmers never write programs directly in machine code, because it requires attention to numerous details which a high-level language would handle automatically.
  3. Low Level Language requires memorizing or looking up numerical codes for every instruction that is used.
  4. For this reason, second generation programming languages provide one abstraction level on top of the machine code.

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Below is a example function in 32-bit x86 machine code to calculate the nth Fibonacci number

8B542408 83FA0077 06B80000 0000C383
FA027706 B8010000 00C353BB 01000000
B9010000 008D0419 83FA0376 078BD98B

Higher Level Languages and Middle Level languages are different than Low Level Language in many aspects.

Summary of lower level languages

Low level languages are Machine Understandable, difficult to write, requires more efforts to code and debug.