Middle level language

Middle Level Language ?

C Programming bridges gap between traditional Machine Understandable Machine Level language and more conventional High level languages. User can Use C Language to do system programming for writing operating system as well as application programming.
[box]Middle Level Programming languages are closely related to  Machine as well as Human Being.[/box]

Why C is Middle Level Language ?

  1. C Programming Supports Inline Assembly Language Programs .
  2. Using inline assembly language feature in C  we can directly access system registers.
  3. C Programming is used to access memory directly using pointer.
  4. C Programming also Supports high Level Language Features.
  5. It is more User friendly as compare to Previous languages so C programming is Middle Level Language.
C Language is Middle Level Language

C Language is Middle Level Language

Tips : Middle Level Language

  1. Language is more Close to Machine
  2. Language is far from Human i,e human need to take more efforts to code
  3. We have to Write More Code to meet user requirement and It is Easy to create Machine Level Code using C Programming.

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