Java installation

In this tutorial we are going to see how to install JDK. In the previous tutorial we have learned , how to download proper version of jdk setup from oracle site. This tutorial will provide you step by step guide for installing jdk –

Step by Step procedure to Install JDK :

  1. Go to Folder where you have downloaded jdk setup.

Installing JDK Step 0

  1. Now Double Click on the setup file. (jdk-7u2-window-x64 is jdk file in my case)
  2. Following Setup window will gets opened.

Installing JDK Step 1

  1. Now Click on “Next” button.

Installing JDK Step 2

  1. It will prompt you optional features to be installed. Let it be default. Now click on “next”.
  2. Now Keep Path as default.

Installing JDK Step 3
Installing JDK Step 4

After following series of above screenshots finish window will gets opened. Now next step is to setting up class path so that you can run java programs.