XML Vs HTML : Difference

In the previous tutorial about the XML introduction, we have learnt about the XML and its background.

Difference between XML and HTML :

To learn HTML from basic visit our HTML Section before learning the difference between XML and HTML.

HTML focuses on – “How data looks?” XML focuses on – “What data is ?”
HTML is used to Display Information. XML is used to Describe Information.
HTML Tags are Predefined XML Tags can be user Defined.
HTML is used to Design Web pages. XML is designed to Carry data or to Create new Scripting Language.
HTML is Case Insensitive XML is case Sensitive.
HTML does not preserve white space XML preserves White Space
HTML is not Strict. XML is String as Strict.
HTML is presentation language XML neither a programming language nor a presentation language

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In the next example we will be learning the basic example of the XML.