XML Parsing document

How to Parse XML Document ?

  1. An XML processor is more commonly called a parser.
  2. XML Parser parses XML and provides needed information to the application.
  3. XML Parser reads document characters by character and determines which characters are part of the document’s markup and which are part of the document’s data.
  4. XML Parser does all processing of  XML document before an application can make use of it.
  5. In market there are many Parser available from different Vendors.

XML Parser - XML Tree Creation Using Parser

Some Well Known XML Parsers :

1.Microsoft Internet Explorer Parser

  • Microsoft’s XML parser is known as MSXML.
  • MSXML first shipped with Internet Explorer 4.
  • The latest version of the parser is available for download from Microsoft’s MSDN site.
  • Comes built-in with the Internet Explorer browser.

2.Apache Xerces

  • The Apache Software Foundation’s Xerces subproject of the Apache XML Project has resulted in XML parsers in Java and C++, plus a Perl wrapper for the C++ parser.
  • These tools are free, and the distribution of the code is controlled by the GNU Public License (GPL).

3.James Clark’s Expat

  • Completely Written in C.
  • It is free for both private and commercial use
  • Can be Downloaded From Here.


  • Created and Owned By IBM.
  • Completely written in Java.
  • Available for free.