Gulp Basics

What is Gulp?

Gulp is easy to use. Gulp is used to make day to day build tasks hassle free. Gulp is used as Task runner built purely into JavaScript. Gulp uses node.js as platform.

Why we should use gulp ?

  • Gulp is lightweight, simpler and faster.
  • Gulp is used to make build task easier.
  • Gulp is used to minify HTML,CSS and JavaScript source codes.
  • Gulp is used to optimize images in the project
  • Gulp is used compile SASS and LESS to CSS
  • Gulp is used to reload or refresh page automatically in browser when source file is modified in text editor
  • Gulp has strong ecosystem which have around 2000+ plugins to automate your task
  • Gulp is widely supported in majority of IDEs with PHP, .NET, Node.js, Java, and other platforms


  • Gulp is easy to use.
  • Gulp is pure JavaScript code so easy to understand.
  • Gulp provides easy way to minify asset files such as JavaScript,CSS and HTML.
  • Gulp manipulates files in memory hence it enhances speed of task.


  • High speed over any other task runner
  • Easy to code and understand.
  • Large plugin support.
  • Widely supported by IDEs with PHP,.Net, Java


  • Newcomer in market as compared to Grunt.
  • Requires more dependencies as compare to other task runners.
  • Designed to run single task
  • Less number of plugins as compare to Grunt.