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We are thankful to our contributors who are helping c4learn.com with rich quality contents which is finally being presented in the form of a tutorial.

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Any Do’s and Doughnuts for Guest Bloggers?

  1. Important : I don’t want you to waste your precious time by preparing/writing an article which might be already present in this site.
  2. Self promoting : Don’t write articles which promotes or advertises your product. Instead do it in your Author Bio. Affiliate links are allowed, but conditions apply.
  3. Topics : Write a article in which you are good at. It would be nice if it is related to my blog’s content. As of now, we don’t accept guest posts about Technology News (eg., Apple Unveiled iPad) and Software/Website/Gadget reviews.
  4. Screenshots and Videos : You can allowed to provide as much information as possible. No full stop to it. A picture is worth thousand words, so add relevent screenshots and images to make your article more readable and appealing. You can also add videos or screencasts.
  5. Copyright : Do not send pre-published matter. That is not good for both of us. If I came to know that you have been copying post from somewhere and using it here, then this will lead to instant ban and removal of all your blog posts and comments. Indirectly, your name and online profile gets spoiled. Likewise, you are not allowed to publish your guest article on any other blog/website.
  6. Free Advertisement : Let your guest article be great and worthy, since it acts a free advertisement for your site/product.

Why Your Guest Article Was Not Accepted — Reasons

  1. Fake Account : Your account seems to be fake. c4learn needs your identity, you should have a valid Gravatar picture and your profile should be completed.
  2. If you don’t want to reveal your identity to the public, then add me in any of the social networks such as “Facebook”/”Google+”
  3. Promotion Only : You are promoting your website/product/image. Sorry we don’t do those things in ‘Guest Blogging’, but you can still try your luck.
  4. Duplicate Content : You have copied the content from other sites or you have already published this article elsewhere.
  5. Already Present Article : An article similar to your guest post is already present here. To avoid such problems, kindly check our Site Search to check whether article is Pre-posted or not.
  6. Haphazard Article : Your article is not in a good condition. Please keep in mind that we don’t keep deadlines and we are not in a hurry. So kindly make your guest post error-free.