Stack Concept Overview

Concept Of Stack | Definition

We know that the Stack is LIFO Structure i,e Last in First Out. It is very useful data structure in C Programming. Stack can be implemented using the Linked List or Array.

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What is Stack ?

  1. Stack is LIFO Structure [ Last in First Out ]
  2. Stack is Ordered List of Elements of Same Type.
  3. Stack is Linear List
  4. In Stack all Operations such as Insertion and Deletion are permitted at only one end called Top

Visual Representation of Stack :

Consider Stack with following details –

Field Value
Size of the Stack 6
Maximum Value of Stack Top 5
Minimum Value of Stack Top 0
Value of Top when Stack is Empty -1
Value of Top when Stack is Full 5

View 1 : When Stack is Empty

When Stack is said to empty then it does not contain any element inside it. Whenever the Stack is Empty the position of topmost element is -1.

View 2 : When Stack is Not Empty

Whenever we add very first element then topmost position will be incremented by 1. After adding First Element top = 0.

View 3 : After Deletion of 1 Element Top Will be Decremented by 1

Position of Top and Its Value :

Position of Top Status of Stack
-1 Stack is Empty
0 First Element is Just Added into Stack
N-1 Stack is said to Full
N Stack is said to be Overflow