C Program to Calculate Area and Circumference of circle

C Program to find area and circumference of circle [crayon-61a26bb3e068f471858436/] Output : [crayon-61a26bb3e0696470846438/] Explanation of Program : In this program we have to calculate the area and circumference of the circle. We have following 2 formulas for finding circumference and area of circle. [crayon-61a26bb3e069a374416861/] and [crayon-61a26bb3e069d196534552/] In the above program we have declared the floating point variable PI whose value is defaulted to 3.14.We are accepting the radius from user. [crayon-61a26bb3e069f571464556/] Download C Program : [box style="download"]Download Area Of Circle Program | Right Click and Save As[/box]