C Program to find exponent Power Series !!

Program : A program to evaluate the power series [crayon-61f2ce4cb2195754258425/] It uses if......else to test the accuracy. The power series contains the recurrence relationship of the type [crayon-61f2ce4cb219c555875226/] If Tn-1 (usually known as previous term) is known, then Tn (known as present term) can be easily found by multiplying the previous term by x/n. Then [crayon-61f2ce4cb21a0270498553/] C Program for Exponent Series : [crayon-61f2ce4cb21a3403291160/] Output : [crayon-61f2ce4cb21a5515709119/]

C program to reads customer number and power consumed and prints amount to be paid

An electric power distribution company charges its domestic consumers as follows [crayon-61f2ce4cb2926997434274/] Write a C program that reads the customer number and power consumed and prints the amount to be paid by the customer. [crayon-61f2ce4cb292d969433722/] Output : [crayon-61f2ce4cb2931137415816/]

C Program to Demonstrates binary expressions using floating-point arithmetic

Program : C Program to demonstrates binary expressions using floating-point arithmetic [crayon-61f2ce4cb2ce4726992339/] Output : [crayon-61f2ce4cb2ceb836837020/] Floating Pointer Can perform following Operations : Addition Subtraction Division Multiplication Note : Floating Point Data Type Can't Perform Modulus Operation [crayon-61f2ce4cb2cef109580537/] Output : [crayon-61f2ce4cb2cf2406460967/]

C Program to Calculate Area and Circumference of circle

C Program to find area and circumference of circle [crayon-61f2ce4cb5029741367370/] Output : [crayon-61f2ce4cb5030751047072/] Explanation of Program : In this program we have to calculate the area and circumference of the circle. We have following 2 formulas for finding circumference and area of circle. [crayon-61f2ce4cb5034278972194/] and [crayon-61f2ce4cb5036266891097/] In the above program we have declared the floating point variable PI whose value is defaulted to 3.14.We are accepting the radius from user. [crayon-61f2ce4cb5039697289450/] Download C Program : [box style="download"]Download Area Of Circle Program | Right Click and Save As[/box]