C Program to Print all Arguments passed using Command Line

C Program : Print All Arguments passed to C Program using Command Line. [crayon-6286400dbc2ff388047983/] Output : Carry out following Steps to Run Save Program Compile Program. Run Program. Now Open Command Prompt. Move to the directory where program is saved. Type following command. [crayon-6286400dbc306615891170/]

C Program to check if mouse support is available or not.

Program : [crayon-6286400dbca86138616407/] Output : [crayon-6286400dbca8f272588666/] Explanation : Int86() is a C function that allows to call interrupts in the C program Header File : dos.h [crayon-6286400dbca92452938922/] In and out register must be type of REGS. REGS is a built in UNION declaration in C. It is defined in the header file <dos.h>