C Program to Compare two Text or Data files

Compare two files in a C Programming Program : C Program to Compare two text/data files in C Programming Check whether two files are identical or not. [crayon-6481c9b846f36970786793/] Explanation : Firstly Declare two file pointers for two files. Open two files in read mode. Now Inside while loop read both files character by character. Check both characters whether they are equal or not. If inside if statement ch1 = EOF and ch2=EOF then both files are said to be equal otherwise both files are non identicle.

C Program to Find Length of the String using Pointer

Program to Calculate Length of the String using Pointer Write a C Program which will accept string from the user . Pass this string to the function. Calculate the length of the string using pointer. Program : Length of the String using Pointer [crayon-6481c9b8471f0142389801/] Output : [crayon-6481c9b8471f7169496330/] Explanation : gets() is used to accept string with spaces. we are passing accepted string to the function. Inside function we have stored this string in pointer. (i.e base of the string is stored inside pointer variable). Inside while loop we are [...]

C Program to Print all Arguments passed using Command Line

C Program : Print All Arguments passed to C Program using Command Line. [crayon-6481c9b8476d9401224214/] Output : Carry out following Steps to Run Save Program Compile Program. Run Program. Now Open Command Prompt. Move to the directory where program is saved. Type following command. [crayon-6481c9b8476df449778563/]

C Program to find exponent Power Series !!

Program : A program to evaluate the power series [crayon-6481c9b8479c0497362178/] It uses if......else to test the accuracy. The power series contains the recurrence relationship of the type [crayon-6481c9b8479c7245646552/] If Tn-1 (usually known as previous term) is known, then Tn (known as present term) can be easily found by multiplying the previous term by x/n. Then [crayon-6481c9b8479cb317660067/] C Program for Exponent Series : [crayon-6481c9b8479ce985649356/] Output : [crayon-6481c9b8479d1237768371/]