Perform Unit Conversions Using Google

Perform Unit Conversions Using Google :

Google Comes up with innovative idea by which we can perform Unit Conversions Using Google. Whenever User try to search keywords such as “Celsius to Fahrenheit“, “Fahrenheit to Celsius” then we get the following Google Search result for unit conversion.
Unit Conversion using Google

We can even change the unit or entity. We can even convert other physical units such as length,mass,speed,volume etc.

Unit Conversion using Google_2

Money Conversion and Money Trend :

If you need to convert the Dollar to INR then we can use following Google Search Keywords to get following window in Google search result as first result –
Currency Conversion Using Google Search
It can show you the current currency rate. So If you are interested in treading then this Google tool might be helpful for you.
All Possible Keywords List includes – Dollar to Inr,Dollar to Rupee etc.