How to remove Visual Editor Mode in WordPress ?

WordPress after installation will provide us two modes for writing post. One mode is as usual HTML window in which we write code in plain HTML.

In the visual mode we have WYSIWYG post editor where we have ability to design post using the visual tools.

Visual Editor in WordPress

After doing some formatting work in the Visual editor when user switch back to the normal HTML mode then much of the formatting will be lost. In order to prevent the loss of formatting we are disabling the visual editor in WordPress.

How to Remove the Visual Editor Mode ?

Basically our main motive is to disable Visual Editor mode and when user creates new post we should see HTML editor by default –

You need to go to Users > Your Profile, there you will see something that looks like the image below :

Disable Visual Editor Mode

Just check the option in front of the visual mode and save it. Now we can verify it by creating the new post –

Default HTML Editor WordPress
We are able to land on the HTML editor mode while creating the new post in WordPress.