15 Keyboard Shortcuts for WordPress Comment Moderation

When we are having huge number of comments for moderation then it is very tedious task to moderate each and every comment. We need to open each individual comment and review each comment. After reviewing comment we need to publish it.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Comment Moderation :

First of all we need to activate setting for Comment Moderation using Keyboard Shortcut by visiting the profile page

Go to Users -> Your Profile then you will be on the following page –

Enable Comment Moderation Keyboard Setting

Now Change the setting for comment moderation by clicking on that check button.

On the Comment Moderation Page :

Below screenshot is from the comment moderation page on the WordPress dashboard. Now we can moderate all the comments using the simple Keyboard shortcuts –
Comment Moderation using Keyboard

below is the list of short cut keys –

Key Purpose
A Approve the comment
S Mark the comment as spam
D Deletes the comment
Z Restores the comment
U Unapproves the comment and putting it back into moderation
R Reply to the comment (Hit Esc to cancel the reply)
Q Activates Quick Edit for inline editing of the comment

If you want to handle multiple comments then x key can be used to check the check box for the currently selected comment. Shift-X can be used to toggle the check boxes, inverting their state. Once you have some comments checked there are also bulk actions.

Key Purpose
Shift + A Approves the checked comments
Shift + S Marks the checked comments as spam
Shift + D Deletes the checked comments
Shift + U Unapproves the checked comments
Shift + T Moves the checked comments to the Trash
Shift + Z Restores the check comments from the Trash