Server Security Certificate Not Yet Valid – How to Solve Problem ?

How to Solve Problem : Server Security Certificate Not Yet Valid ?

Recently i was unable to login to my Facebook,Gmail and Yahoo because of Server Security Certificate Issue. I was facing critical issue. I was frustrated and after research i have collected the following information –

Detail Problem :

“You attempted to reach, but the server presented a certificate that is not yet valid. No information is available to indicate whether that certificate can be trusted. Google Chrome cannot reliably guarantee that you are communicating with and not an attacker. You should ensure that your clock and time zone are set correctly on your computer. If they are not, you should correct any issues and refresh this page. If they are correct, you should not proceed.”


Solution :

The Solution to this problem is much simpler. You have to synchronize your system clock. Detailed Step by Step Solution will tell you how to synchronize your system clock.

  1. Open your Date/Time Setting from the Window Task bar.
  2. Set Correct Date and Time,

Setting Date and Time in Window XP

  1.  Now Open “Internet Time Zone” Tab.
  2. Click on “Update Now” button so that it will start synchronizing your internet server timing.

Updating Server Time

  1. After few seconds you will get message saying that you have synchronized correctly with server date and time.

Final Server Timing Synchronized Correctly

Now try to login your Facebook and gmail , you will be able to login successfully. External Links : Forum