How to Search Gmail Inbox by Typing in Local Preferred Language ?

Google launched “Input Tools for Gmail” and it makes our task easier. Now we can search our gmail inbox by typing text into our local language.

Different Input Tools

Input Tool Description
Transliteration : Type languages phonetically in English letters and they will appear in their correct alphabet.
Input Method Editor (IME) : Using Latin keyword which converts keystrokes to the asian character.
Virtual Keyboard : It will open simple pop up window and we need to type spelling just by clicking on the appropriate alphabet and word will be converted to alphabet.

Steps to Activate Input Tools for Gmail

  1. Click the gear icon in the upper right, then select Settings.
  2. In the General Tab , Enable Input tool by clicking on Check Box Icon

Enabling Input Tools

  1. Now click on “Edit Tools” Link on in the same option.You will get options to Select Preferred Language.

Selecting Preffered language in Gmail

  1. Select preferred language in which you want to search inbox or contact list.

Selecting Preffered language in Gmail Dropdown

  1. Start Typing into the Search box , your keystrokes will gets converted into the selected language. This tool is good to search your non-english mails.

Searching using local language