How to Integrate Google Apps Email with cPanal Domain Using MX Record ?

How to Integrate Google Apps Email with cPanal Domain Using MX Record ?

One of the reader has asked me about integration of cPanal with Google Apps. Today in this tutorial we are going to learn integration of Google Apps with cPanal.

If we have Our Custom Email then Why We need to Integrate cPanal With Google Email ?

Problem 1 :

If you have your account with blogger with custom domain and if you migrate your blog to your server (e.g on Hostgator) then you may loose access to your Google Apps Email.How can you re-gain access to your mail and other google applications.

Problem 2 :

Suppose you want to use gmail like interface and All gmail facilities for your domain email then you cant use them .
so we can solve these problems by using MX records.

Solution :

  1. Login to Your Control Panal.
  2. Now on the cPanal , Inside Mail Section Select MX Entry.

MX Record On cPanal

  1. Select Your Domain

Select Your Domain name

  1. Depending on the hosting plan , Number of Domains You are managing are shown in the Drop Down Menu.
  2. Type Following Entries in the MX Entry .Put Priority from table above to Priority in picture below and Mail Server from table to Destination.
Priority Mail server

Adding new MX Record and Set Priorities

  1. Click ‘Add New Record’. Repeat that step until all five MX record inserted correctly.
  2. Delete old record with 0 Priority. Click Delete link and confirmation of delete will appear.
  3. Choose Delete to continue.

Deleting Old MX Record

  1. Check DNS Setting and Look into MX Entry Section
  2. To check dns Setting , Visit and Type your domain.

Check Your DNS Settings

  1. Check MX Records You will Found following Entries in the MX Record Section

Checking MX Record From Outside