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Copy the range of an Integer Array to another array in Java

Declaration :

Explanation :

Purpose The java.util.Arrays.copyOfRange(int[] original int from int to) method copies the specified range of the specified array into a new array.The final index of the range (to) which must be greater than or equal to from may be greater than original.length in which case 0 is placed in all elements of the copy whose index is greater than or equal to original.length – from. The length of the returned array will be to – from.
Parameters original ===> This is the array from which a range is to to be copied.
from ===> This is the initial index of the range to be copied inclusive.
to ===> This is the final index of the range to be copied exclusive.
Return Value This method returns a new array containing the specified range from the original array truncated or padded with zeros to obtain the required length.
Exception ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException — If from < 0 or from > original.length()
,IllegalArgumentException — If from > to.
,NullPointerException — If original is null.

Java Program : Example

Below example will explain java.util.Arrays.copyOfRange() method.

Output of Program :