PHP testing wampserver

Testing the Wamp Server :

Now we have checked whether the wamp server is working fine or not after installing Wamp Server. Now its time to execute the simple PHP Script. In order to execute the PHP Script we should have sample PHP file.

<!DOCTYPE html>

echo "My first Sample PHP script!";


Lets save above script by – test1.php

PHP Script Saving Location :

  1. Make sure that you have started all the service before testing the output of the PHP file –

[box]Right Click on Wamp Server Icon and Select “Start All Services” from Quick Admin Menu.[/box]

  1. Now Select the “WWW directory” menu from the

Wamp Server - Select WWW Directory

  1. After Selecting the WWW directory menu option you will be navigated to the following Screen –

Wamp Server - Quick Look at WWW Directory

Note –

In the previous installation steps we have given the installation path –

In the same folder “www” folder gets created and all the PHP files goes into this folder.

  1. Now we have created a file test1.php in the www folder.

Executing Script in Browser :

Now we need to execute the Script in the Browser, So we need to create URL for executing the localhost script. Just type following url in the browser and you can see php in action.


from the above url , You can conclude that –

Name of File Inside WWW Directory URL Structure
test.php http://localhost/test.php
dir/test.php http://localhost/dir/test.php
dir/subdir/test.php http://localhost/dir/subdir/test.php