PHP If-else : Conditional block

PHP If-else : Conditional block

When particular condition evaluates to true then sequence of statements from if block are executed. If condition is false then some set of statements in else block gets executed.

Syntax –

if (condition)
  //Execute code if condition is true
  //Execute code if condition is false

Example : Conditional Operators


$curr_date = date("D");
if ($curr_date == "Sun")
   echo "Today is holiday"; 
   echo "Today is no holiday"; 


Output :

Today is no holiday

Explanation :

In the above example if the current day is sunday then if block gets executed.

if ($curr_date == "Sun")

If the condition inside the if fails then else part will be executed.

Tips : PHP If-else

Any non zero number (including negative) inside if condition can be considered as true condition.

if (100)
   echo "True condition"; 
   echo "False condition";

We can opt out curly braces in the if or else block if single statement is written inside the block

if (1) {
   echo "True condition 1"; 
   echo "True condition 2"; 
   echo "False condition";