PHP checking wampserver

In order to test PHP Scripts we need a Server as PHP is Server Side Scripting Language. We cannot afford web server just for testing or learning PHP.

1. Making Your Window PC a Server :

  1. We need to install wampserver to make local server pc.
  2. After installing Wamp Server , Window PC will acts as local server which can execute your PHP Scripts in your local workstation.
  3. If you haven’t yet dowloaded the Wampserver software, you can download it here : Download Link

2. Installing and Configuring :

  1. After installing Wamp Server we can see the Green Icon in the bottom right near the clock.
  2. After clicking on the green icon we are able to see following Wamp Server Menu.
  3. From the quick admin menu user can quickly start or stop all the services.

Wamp Server - Select Local Host

  1. After selecting the localhost , we can see the following screen –

Wamp Server - Local Host Menu Screen

  1. Click on the link under Tools Section saying phpinfo() , if everything goes right then you can see the following page –

php_phpinfo Page

Congratulations !! You have installed Wamp-Server Successfully