jQuery Introduction

jQuery is a fast,lightweight JavaScript library created by John Resig in 2006. jQuery simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for Rapid Web Development.

What is jQuery ?

  1. jQuery is a Freely available JavaScript Library.
  2. jQuery Simplifies JavaScript programming.
  3. jQuery is Open Source and cross browser compatible
  4. jQuery is a Light Weight and simple to use which makes jQuery most popular JavaScript Framework.

Versions of jQuery :

Version number Release date
1.0 August 26 2006
1.1 January 14 2007
1.2 September 10 2007
1.3 January 14 2009
1.4 January 14 2010
1.5 January 31 2011
1.6 May 3 2011
1.7 November 3 2011
1.8.0 August 9 2012
1.9.0 January 15 2013
1.9.1 February 4 2013
1.10.0 May 24 2013
1.10.2 July 3 2013
2.0.0 April 18 2013
2.0.3 July 3 2013

How do i get jQuery ?

  1. Visit jQuery Download
  2. After Visiting the link click on the Download jQuery button

Purpose of Using jQuery :

Main purpose of the jQuery is to make JavaScript coding easier.

1.Selection of DOM elements :

We can select any DOM level element of the HTML and using jQuery functions we can write simplified DOM level code. We can also trigger different methods using the jQuery on DOM level.

2.The wrapped set :

Whenever we select DOM level element using jQuery then it is resides in object. All the selected elements are inside array like structure so it is easy to access the individual elements.

3.Lightweight jQuery

jQuery file comes in two versions. In the production site we use minified version which is around 20kb in size.

4.Cross Browser Support

jQuery is supported by almost all the available browsers. So it is very efficient to use jQuery in order to develop cross browser applications/websites.