JS Introduction

In this tutorial we are starting first JavaScript tutorial. JavaScript is dynamic computer programming language which is commonly used inside web browsers.

Previously JavaScript was recognized with the name LiveScript but later Netscape changed the name to JavaScript. JavaScript made its first appearance in Netscape 2.0 in 1995. Standard version of the core JavaScript language is defined by ECMA-262 Specification.

What is JavaScript?

  1. JavaScript is Browser Side Scripting Language.
  2. JavaScript is lightweight programming language designed to add interactivity to HTML pages.
  3. JavaScript is embedded directly into HTML pages.
  4. JavaScript is an interpreted language.
  5. Java Script is free to use, no licence required for the using JavaScript and for building JavaScript applications.

What is Browser Side Scripting ?

  1. Script that executes on local Browser is called browser side scripting.
  2. Usually Client / web surfer’s PC is called local PC.
  3. JS Script is embedded in the HTML page,
  4. When user requests particular page containing script, script executes in local browser.

What is Lightweight Programming Language ?

  1. JS adds programming facility to HTML page.
  2. We can use JS to fulfil certain programming facilities such as – Loops,Arrays,Decision making etc.
  3. JS does not provide all facilities provided by traditional programming language such as – Java,C++ etc.
  4. In short JS provides us programming facilities to certain extends.

what is javascript programming