JS Vs Java : Difference

Sometimes people might assume that “java” and “JavaScript” both are exactly same but its not true. Let’s see some of the similarities in both the languages.

Can Run in a Browser ?

  1. JavaScript runs on almost every modern browser. User just need to enable JS in order to get enhanced user experience.
  2. Java applets can also run in all modern browser, but Java Applets are not enabled in every browser so we cannot use Applets for interactivity purpose.
  3. Java Applets have much more issue like security and compatibility so they are not much popular.

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Difference between JS Vs Java

Java JavaScript
Java is Complex Object Oriented Language JavaScript is Browser Scripting Language
Java is designed by Sun Microsystem JavaScript is invented by Brendan Eich at Netscape
Java is Complex programming language that is used to create Standalone Application JavaScript is usually embedded inside HTML document.
Java code is usually compiled. JS script is interpreted
Java is programming language designed to run in a JVM which allows programs to run on any device supporting java Javascript is a scripting language that runs inside of a internet browser to enhance the web experience.