Java vs C#

How Java Related to C# ?

  1. After the creation of Java, Microsoft developed the C# language and C# is closely related to Java.
  2. Many of C#’s features directly parallel Java. Both Java and C# share the same general C++-style syntax, support distributed programming, and utilize the same object model.
  3. Though there are some differences between Java and C#, but the overall feel of these languages is very similar.
  4. If you already know C#, then learning Java will be easy and vice versa
  5. Java and C# are optimized for two different types of computing environments.
  6. C# and Java Both Languages are drew from C++.
  7. Both Languages are capable of creating cross platform portable program code.

[box]Important : How do Java & C# create cross-platform portable Code ?[/box]

Consider Scenario of Java Programming Language

  1. Java is created by Sun Micro System.
  2. Java Compiler produces Intermediate code called Byte Code.
  3. Byte Code i.e intermediate code is executed by the Run Time Environment.
  4. In Java Run Time Environment is called as “JVM” [ Java Virtual Machine]
  5. If we have JVM already installed on any platform then JVM can produce machine dependent Code based on the intermediate code.

Java Vs C Sharp

Here are some differences between Java and C Sharp.

Point Java C#
Development Sun Microsystem Microsoft
Development Year 1995 2000
Data Types Less Primitive DT More Primitive DT
Struct Concept Not Supported Supported
Switch Case String in Switch Not Allowed String in Switch Allowed
Delegates Absent Supported

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