Eclipse IDE Workspace

When we start the project then we need to open a folder where your code or project resides. Folder which is used for the development is called workspace

Eclipse IDE Workspace

Workspace of the Eclipse is nothing but the collection of the files arranged inside the defined directory structure. Workspace contains following resources –

  1. Projects
  2. Source/Configuration of any type of File
  3. Folders/directories

Workspace is arranged in hierarchical structure. Projects are at the top level of the hierarchy and inside them all the files and folders are listed

Eclipse Workspace Tree

You can see all the resources are arranged in the tree or hierarchical fashion.

Creating folder in Workspace

Now we are going to create a folder in the workspace which is used to store all the assets that we are using inside the project

Create folder in Eclipse Workspace

Now give proper name to folder in the Workspace. See below screenshot

Naming folder name

Now you will be able to see the folder created inside the workspace.

View created folder