Eclipse IDE Windows : Views

After setting up the eclipse we need to open the eclipse. Upon launching the eclipse window we find some of the visible screens.

Eclipse IDE Windows : Views

Some of the visible areas of the Eclipse IDE are –

  1. Editor Views
  2. Code Editors
  3. Menu Bar
  4. Toolbar

Eclipse Windows and Views

Eclipse Perspective

  1. If you see carefully at the title bar of the eclipse window , you will find the name of the eclipse perspective.
  2. Initial collection and arrangement of the eclipse windows and views is called as Eclipse perspective.
  3. Though we can have multiple prospectives but at a time only one perspective can be visible.

Some of the eclipse perspectives are –

Perspective Explanation
Debug Perspective used while debugging the code
Java Perspective used while writing the code
Web Perspective used in web project

Opening new Eclipse window

We can open the new eclipse window using Window -> New Window option.

Eclipse Opening new window

So we can have two instances of the eclipse and we can have different perspective in each window