Eclipse IDE Views

Eclipse IDE contains the number of views which are useful during development to get idea of project workspace and hierarchy of the project

Eclipse IDE Menubar

We know IDE is used to create the code in professional manner and efficiently. During the process of coding we may find certain views in the code that are very useful. It is used to show the graphical representations of the project metadata.

Eclipse Views

If you carefully observe the above screenshot then you can understand there are 5 views in the eclipse window –

Repositioning Views :

We can reposition all the views in the eclipse just by dragging it to the other positions. Possible place holders would be displayed using the green border as shown in below screenshot

Eclipse Repositioning Views

Opening a view

Now suppose you want to open the new view that is not present inside the default list of views then we can do following steps.

Eclipse Show View Option

If you did not find the view that you are looking for then just click on the other menu item.

Eclipse Open Other Views