Eclipse IDE Menubar

Like other IDE we can find there is top toolbar in Eclipse IDE. We can use this toolbar to navigate between different menus.

Eclipse IDE Menubar

Below is the list of the menus available in the Eclipse IDE Window –

  1. File menu
  2. Edit menu
  3. Navigate menu
  4. Search menu
  5. Project menu
  6. Run menu
  7. Window menu
  8. Help menu

Eclipse IDE Toolbar

Menu NameDescription
FileFile menu is used to open files for opening, editing, closing, saving the contents of file. It also provides the rename facilities along with switching workspace. It also allows you to import and export workspace content and shut down Eclipse.
EditIt provides editing options such as copy & paste.
NavigateIt provides the quick navigate menus used for quickly locating the resources.
SearchSearch menu provides different ways to search the workspace for files and text.
ProjectProject menu provides different options used for building a project , building workspace and cleaning workspace.
RunRun menu used to run program and debug it using debug mode.
WindowWindow menu allows you to open and close views and perspectives.
HelpHelp menu used to open Help window, Eclipse Marketplace view or Install new plug-ins. The about Eclipse menu item gives you version information.
SourceOnly visible when Java editor is open. It provides options for editing Java source code.